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2024 Semiconductor Industry Annual Outlook, MinewSemi Actively Promotes Emerging Application Industries

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Time: 2024.03.07
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There was a downward cycle in the overall semiconductor industry in 2023, and the overall inventory digestion process is slow. However, under the influence of multiple positive factors, from a cyclical perspective, the semiconductor equipment industry is about to come out of the cycle of the low point, and there will be slow growth in 2024. The current IoT technology tends to mature, and there is broad room for growth in automobiles and third-generation semiconductors. In 2024, four advanced technologies including AI, New Energy, and Satellite Communications are worth looking forward to. MinewSemi's overall policy in 2024 will be to make steady progress, promote the development of emerging application industries, and further promote the semiconductor industry to enter a new round of development cycle.


Minewsemi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Minew Technologies Co., Ltd. As a global leading one-stop wireless connectivity module supplier, we expanded the module market for multiple wireless communications and further expanded our market share in 2023. We will continue to deepen our efforts in the field of IoT application segments and achieve a significant increase in market share in the field of industrial intelligence.


AI, New Energy, and Satellite Communication Will Growth by 2024


Year 2023 witnessed an accelerated penetration of smart terminals, with technologies such as AI, new energy sources, and satellite communication being extensively deployed and applied on a large scale.


●Artificial Intelligence Technology - In collaboration with Inplay, MinewSemi launched MS56SFA/MS56SFB application modules in 2023, expanding into industrial intelligence applications, and facilitating swift deployment in industrial scenarios like Modbus/RS485 and industrial intelligent lighting control.

●Satellite Communication Technology - Throughout 2023, MinewSemi emphasized its efforts in developing GNSS modules, introducing various new products including multi-constellation GNSS modules, high-precision directional modules, and G-Mouse modules to advance the field of satellite communication.

●New Energy Technology - In 2023, MinewSemi increased the incorporation of IoT modules in Smart Battery Management Systems (BMS), extending market coverage in the vertical realm of BMS, thereby promoting the intelligent evolution of new energy sources.


Industrial applications remain the ultimate testbed for technology maturity. Smart terminals, as a vital component of the IoT landscape, play a pivotal role in various industries. With the continuous advancement of technologies like IoT, cloud computing, and big data, smart terminals are finding increasingly broad applications across sectors.



As IoT Technology Matures, the Automotive and Third-generation Semiconductor Domains Hold Vast Growth Potential


Automotive semiconductor technology is set to be a key driver in the future automotive semiconductor market, with developments in areas such as keyless entry systems (UWB), new energy sources, battery management (BMS), and human-machine interaction (facial recognition, voice, gestures). MinewSemi's UWB module MS01SF1 boasts advantages such as small size, high accuracy, and exceptional performance in promoting the keyless smartization of new energy vehicles. Similarly, the stability, strong anti-interference properties, and ultra-low power consumption of the MS50SFB module have significantly enhanced the smart wireless connectivity control in BMS systems.


In 2024, IoT technologies including communication, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), 5G, and other connectivity services are expected to further mature, as industries continue to focus on meeting sustained labor and supply chain demands.


The year 2024 will witness the IoT industry continuing its rapid ascent, though not yet reaching a breakout phase. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been identified as top priorities for IoT enterprises. According to the previous IoT enterprise survey report in 2023, over 90% of IoT companies currently use or plan to implement these technologies. Therefore, this area is expected to transition from a breakthrough phase to a more stable consolidation phase, responding steadily to societal developmental needs.