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MinewSemi Partners with STMicroelectronics to Drive the Development Ecosystem of Low-Energy Modules

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Time: 2024.01.19
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Recently, MinewSemi, a leading supplier of wireless connectivity modules for IoT, and global semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics ("ST") have launched in-depth cooperation in the development of low-power modules and application ecological promotion. With MinewSemi's R&D technology and production strength, and combining the excellent performance advantages of ST's STM32WLE5CC, BlueNRG and STM32 series chips, we jointly launch a series of low-power modules - BLE modules MS53SF1, MS53SF2 and low-power LoRa module MS23SF1 to better meet the needs of smart home, smart manufacturing, smart city and other applications, boosting the development ecology of low-power module applications!


STMicroelectronics is a company with 50,000 semiconductor technology creators and innovators, with a semiconductor supply chain and advanced manufacturing equipment. As a vertically integrated semiconductor manufacturer, STMicroelectronics builds an ecosystem with customers and partners to provide solutions for various industries to respond to challenges and new opportunities and meet the needs of sustainable development.


Strong Collaboration to Drive the Development of Low-energy Module Applications


1. Low-energy Bluetooth Module - MS53SF1


The MS53SF1 is a BLE 5.4 LNA module based on the highly flexible, ultra-low power BlueNRG-355M SoC. The hardware supports master-slave synchronous connection, supports multi-master and multislave operation mode, can be connected by the master (collector, handheld device) at the same time, and establish concurrent data connection with multiple slaves (external load switch, various external sensors).



●Equipped with BlueNRG-355MC chip

●Small size (20x12x2mm)

●Low-power Bluetooth 5.4 LNA module

●Supports master-slave synchronized connections

●Supports multiple master-multiple slave working modes

●Transmission distance up to 500 meters at 125kbps rate

●Supports BLE, BLE MESH, and other protocols

Product Link>>https://en.minewsemi.com/bluetooth-module/ms53sf1


2. Low-energy Bluetooth Module - MS53SF2

The MS53SF2 is a highly flexible, ultra-low power, cost-effective wireless BLE 5.3 module based on BlueNRG-332AC. The hardware supports high speed, long range, broadcast extension, channel selection algorithms, direction finding (AoA/AoD) and more. At 125kbps data rate, it can transmit up to 500 meters in open space.


●Equipped with BlueNRG-332A chip

●Small size (20x12x2mm)

●Low-power Bluetooth 5.3 module

●Optional external PA and LNA

●Ultra-long transmission distance up to 500 meters

●Supports channel selection algorithm

●Supports optional external antenna


Product link>> https://en.minewsemi.com/bluetooth-module/bluenrg-332ac-ms53sf2


3. Low-energy LoRa Module - MS23SF1


MS23SF1 is a LoRaWAN® transceiver module. It utilizes ST’s LoRaWAN wireless half-duplex SOC chip, STM32WLE5CC, which supports global ISM frequencies. This module features low power consumption, long-distance communication, ease of use, small size, and multiple interfaces (SPI, UART, I2C, DAC, ADC).



●Equipped with STM32WLE5CCU6 chip

●Small size (20.72x19.13x3.2mm)

●Built-in frequency 48MHz Arm Cortex-M4

●Programmable bit rate, with 64KB internal RAM and 256KB Flash

●Communication distance up to 5KM

●Multiple IO ports, supports GPIO24


Product link>> https://en.minewsemi.com/lora-module/stm32wle5Ecc-ms23sf14


Win-win cooperation is the trend of the times. In the future, Minewsemi will continue to cooperate with STMicroelectronics, fully utilizing the resource advantages of both parties, achieving mutual benefit and developing more innovative products and solutions. This will bring technological innovation and cost optimization to more application fields such as smart homes, smart manufacturing, and smart cities. Moreover, it will continuously meeting the growing application expansion needs of customers and continuously promoting the sustainable development of the IoT ecosystem.