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World Debut of MinewSemi's New Combo (BLE+GNSS+WiFi+LoRa) Module ME25LS01

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Time: 2024.03.12
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On February 26, 2024, the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024 kicked off in Barcelona, Spain. As a global one-stop IoT wireless connectivity module supplier, MinewSemi was invited to participate in the exhibition and debuted its new BLE5.3+GNSS+WiFi Scan+LoRaWAN Combo module - ME25LS01 at the exhibition site.


MinewSemi showed up at the exhibition with Bluetooth modules, GNSS modules, LoRa modules, WiFi modules, UWB modules and other products and embedded solution applications, and launched the new BLE5.3+GNSS+WiFi Scan+LoRaWAN at the scene. The new combo module ME25LS01 has attracted the attention and consultation of many exhibitors with its advantages such as low power consumption, high performance, safety and stability. Technology empowerment helps the industry's intelligent development ecosystem and provides customers with the pinnacle wireless connection experience!


Low Power Consumption, Long-distance Transmission, Outstanding Core Performance


ME25LS01 is based on Nordic nRF52840 and Semtech LR1110 low-power dual combination chip solution, integrates ARM Cortex M4 high-performance core, supports BLE5.3, GNSS (GPS/BDS), WiFi Scan, LoRaWAN and other protocols, and supports BLE data transmission; it also has Ultra-long distance function, the longest measured urban transmission distance is 5KM.


What's more, ME25LS01 has a receiving sensitivity as high as -146dBm, provides more IO port support, and GPIOs 44; it also supports Amazon Sidewalk, providing wider network coverage, helping the device better cope with network disconnections and other situations, and improving the reliability of the device.


Easy to Develop to Meet Diverse Customized Application Needs


As a LoRa module, ME25LS01 has the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance, high sensitivity, safety and stability. It is suitable for tracking, positioning and data transmission functions in multiple application scenarios. It can be widely used in livestock environment monitoring and population breeding in the animal husbandry industry and location management, inventory management and management asset tracking, as well as building automation HVAC systems, lighting control, etc., to meet the application needs of global customers in wireless communication connections. In addition, this module also has a completely open source development platform that can meet customers' secondary development and customization needs.


In the future, MinewSemi will continue to increase investment in R&D and launch more high-quality module products to meet the growing connectivity needs for low power consumption, high performance, security and stability, which will bring customers a better connectivity experience, and will also bring broader development space for the intelligent development of the industry!