Low- power Bluetooth Module Smart Door Lock Solution

With the continuous development of technology, a variety of smart products are now appearing in front of our eyes, of which the iteration of smart home is also like a spring. The endless products not only let users feel the sense of technology in addition to the convenience of life and management. Today we talk about, and our lives are most closely related to an innovative micro design case, low-power Bluetooth module smart door lock application case

Smart door lock as a home and community essential products, design solutions are also too many to count. What is the common demand among them?

Low power consumption, of course. After all, we use the smart door lock is to facilitate life, rather than trying to change the battery for one more job. So in many of the smart door lock design solutions to BLE (low power) Bluetooth module as the core of the program advantages are particularly prominent.

That BLE Bluetooth use to smart door lock why is the most outstanding?

01 BLE Bluetooth standby time is very long, the Bluetooth smart lock on the market are basically using dry battery power, and BLE low-power Bluetooth module in the broadcast, transmission, standby and sleep mode have ultra-low power consumption.

02 can use the cell phone APP lock, more convenient and fast, in the era of mobile Internet, cell phones are an essential tool, and the current cell phone manufacturers are in the BLE Bluetooth above the development of the market, each cell phone is integrated with a Bluetooth module, into the Bluetooth smart lock program also just open the cell phone APP and Bluetooth, open the lock is very simple!

03 applicability of strong signal is not subject to environmental interference, wireless transmission can not avoid signal interference, shielding of external factors, will directly affect the use of experience. Although wifi and Bluetooth in the same 2.4G band will also have signal interference with each other, but the Bluetooth transmission speed is higher, the unlocking experience will be better, and smaller size, the application of Bluetooth smart lock has very obvious advantages.

04 higher security, compared to other smart door lock Bluetooth has a specific Bluetooth protocol, in communication can be based on different users to develop different password protocol is difficult to crack so confidentiality is better.

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