The Application of IoT intelligent Factory Data Collection System

Traditional industrial and manufacturing industries, because of their large plants and scattered storage locations, there will be a lot of network coverage and monitoring dead spots, unable to centralize and unify the real-time control of the site, and because of the low degree of automation within the factory, still need a lot of human labor, and can not guarantee the production efficiency, resulting in high production costs of enterprises. Therefore, traditional factories need to be transformed into intelligent factories. Industrial big data is the key to future industrial development. The basis for the implementation of manufacturing innovation strategies in countries around the world is the collection and characterization of industrial big data.

Through communication technology to build out a smart factory data collection monitoring system, for the consideration of site wiring is not easy and machine installation intensive status quo and other issues to make the corresponding measures, general data acquisition system is divided into a total of three parts: data acquisition end, network transmission end, data center end. Real-time monitoring and collection of data on the collection of production equipment, materials, finished products and other dynamic raw and other items, through the built tunnel, the data will be uploaded to the data server to assist managers in analysis and processing, greatly enhancing the efficiency of managers.

Through the combination of communication technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology and cloud platform, managers can realize seamless connection between production environment and information system through remote high-definition video or image, enhance site perception and monitoring capability, and meet the demand of 24-hour monitoring in factories. In the factory data collection system, Innovative Micro can provide wireless connection module support to realize the functions of factory asset positioning and data collection.

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