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MinewSemi Joins SparkLink Alliance, Continues to Innovate Next-Generation Wireless Short-Range Communication Technology

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Time: 2023.12.20
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Recently, Shenzhen MinewSemi Technology Co., Ltd., also known as MinewSemi, officially joined the SparkLink Alliance as a member company. As a one-stop-shop wireless module supplier for the Internet of Things (IoT), MinewSemi will work with the alliance to build new intelligent applications such as smart cars, smart homes, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing based on SparkLink technology. The goal is to provide users with better quality and more convenient products and services while creating new developments in next-generation wireless short-range communication technology.

The SparkLink Alliance and SparkLink Technology


Established on September 22, 2020, the SparkLink Alliance is a global industry alliance committed to promoting innovation and the industrial ecology of a new generation of wireless short-range communication technology known as SparkLink. It aims to serve the rapid development of new applications such as smart cars, smart homes, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing and meet their demanding requirements.


In 2023, SparkLink enters its commercialization year. SparkLink's NearLink is a new generation of short-range wireless connection technology jointly developed by over 300 top global enterprises and institutions led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It combines the strengths of traditional wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi and provides products with greater competitiveness.


MinewSemi is a one-stop wireless module supplier for IoT and is committed to providing customers with high-quality connectivity modules quickly. It focuses on research innovation in the field of IoT wireless module connectivity and provides embedded solution development and applications. With strong technical capabilities and professional product development experience in low-power communications connections, MinewSemi independently developed BLE, GNSS, LoRa, Wi-Fi,  UWB, millimeter-wave radar, and comprehensive IoT module products. To date, these have been used widely in fields such as smart homes, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and medical and health care.


In terms of product development and market competitiveness, MinewSemi's products have low power consumption, full certification, stable connections, and strong anti-interference capabilities. Its cutting-edge RF, communication, networking, and embedded technologies have empowered over 80 countries and regions globally. With shipment volumes in the millions, MinewSemi has received widespread market recognition.


Regarding qualifications and honors, MinewSemi has passed multiple industry qualification certifications and product certifications. The IoT wireless module products it independently developed have been certified by CE, RoHS, BQB, WEEE, TELEC, WPC, KC, SRRC and other certifications of the complete category. The company has also won awards such as “China's Top 50 IoT Enterprise Investment Value,”“2022 IoT Industry Most Growth-Capable Enterprise Award,”“2023 Innovative Technology Product Award,” and “2023 China loT Technology Innovation Award.”

By joining the SparkLink Alliance, MinewSemi will verticalize its existing competencies in next-generation wireless short-range communication technology and strategic frameworks, promoting innovation in this field. It is also a fundamental step toward empowering IoT wireless connectivity modules by collaborating with other member companies of the alliance.

In the future, MinewSemi, with SparkLink Alliance strategic cooperation, will continue to increase research and development investment, strengthen cooperation with other alliance member companies so that the industry can collaborate, develop industry technical specifications, conquer industry technical barriers and fully utilize its technology. It will offer “hardware+technology+services” to the IoT wireless module connectivity field and contribute to the main force of the continued development of next-generation wireless short-range communication technology.