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MinewSemi Wins Weike Cup - OFweek 2023 IoT Innovation Award with GNSS Module

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Time: 2023.08.31
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On August 28th, the "OFweek 2023 8th IoT Industry Conference" and "Weike Cup·OFweek IoT Industry Annual Awards," organized by OFweek IoT and hosted by the high-tech industry portal OFweek, successfully took place at the Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. MinewSemi, an innovator in the field, stood out among numerous innovative IoT technology products with its low-power, high-precision GNSS module — the MS34SN3. It was honored with the "Weike Cup·OFweek 2023 Innovative Technology Product Award."


The "Weike Cup·OFweek 2023 8th IoT Industry Annual Awards" has been a consistent event for 8 years and stands as one of China's most professional, influential, and representative industry awards in the high-tech sector. The event's objective is to acknowledge outstanding products, technologies, application cases, and companies within the IoT industry that have made remarkable contributions. It encourages companies to invest more in product and technological innovation and provides the industry with innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to enhance user convenience and foster healthy industry development.


MinewSemi's submitted product, the MS34SN3, is a GNSS module featuring simultaneous multi-constellation positioning capabilities, L1+L5 GNSS dual band compatibility, and an integrated RTK positioning engine. Equipped with a 12nm advanced GNSS SoC chip, it supports multi-constellation navigation. Utilizing RTK technology (carrier phase differential technology), the module achieves centimeter-level positioning accuracy while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

The MS34SN3's multi-constellation compatibility allows it to operate reliably even in densely populated urban areas. With its exceptional positioning performance, the module finds applications across various domains such as automotive (e.g., T-Box, in-car navigation, V2X), transportation (e.g., industrial vehicles, operational vehicle supervision), trackers, shared electric bicycles, smart agriculture, inspections, and both industrial and consumer scenarios.

The recognition of MinewSemi's MS34SN3 underscores the company's research and development capabilities and innovation. Looking ahead, MinewSemi is committed to entering the market with high-quality products, remarkable performance, and excellent service. The company will explore more application scenarios for IoT wireless connectivity modules, leveraging its capabilities to expedite IoT's integration across industries and promote digital transformation and intelligent development in society.


From August 28th to 30th, the 3-day "OFWeek 8th IoT & AI Awards 2023" was also held in Hall 7 of the Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. MinewSemi participated in this event, showcasing its low-power wireless connectivity module products for IoT. These products, with communication modules at their core, facilitate seamless interconnection across various sectors including smart homes, smart healthcare, automotive peripherals, smart agriculture, industrial intelligence, consumer electronics, smart sensing, and smart cities.


MinewSemi extends its gratitude to OFweek for providing an excellent platform for learning and exchange. The company also extends its appreciation to new and existing customers and friends who visited its booth at the event. With a mission to "quickly provide high-quality connectivity modules to customers," MinewSemi is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and achieving success in every project.